Most brides and grooms choose to go traditional style and opt for a classic white dress and traditional suit with no stripes or dynamic colors. But, occasionally some brides love to show their unique personality or fashion taste with original wedding dresses.

Dresses can be made from different materials and some brides just love to make a statement with a dress on their wedding day.

Check how these brides used balloons and a Hello-Kitty-theme to create the perfect wedding dress and shock everyone. Decide if they should pass them on their daughters or burn them.

19. Too Many Balloons?

Don’t you want to know if she gets to sit on her wedding day? Without popping? And what made this lady to a have a balloon dress anyway?

So far, it’s not known why this bride went for this dress, or if she lost any of the balloons during her wedding day. But one is known for sure – she had to stay away from the sharp objects.

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