If there is one thing that this couple is used to, its being famous. After all, they are pretty well-known. Moreover, every mutual photo of them would bring so much attention and comments. However, something was different when they posted one specific photo.

There was something different about this photo, and it wasn’t just because it hit a huge amount of followers. This photo went viral and the couple just couldn’t figure out why. That they read every comment, hoping to understand why it was so popular. And then they saw it – it was right in their faces. Learn what was the reason.

Back In 2006

Wendy Joseph and Dan Hennessey are major YouTube stars and even bigger Internet stars. Interestingly, they met thanks to the Internet, back in the days when social media was barely on anyone’s radar. Interestingly, social media played a huge role in how their love story started.

It all begun in 2006 when Dan was an 18-year-old sophomore studying Exercise Science, and Wendy was 17-years-old and still in high school and wanting to pursue a career in public healthcare.

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