Acting is all about being believable. If you’re not believable and make it look like “acting”, the audience won’t be able to get behind the character, and root (or hate) for them. This is the reason why most of the successful actors of all time were known for their method acting – they slipped into the roles and made themselves believe that they really were their “character”. Sometimes, this also involves finding great on-screen chemistry with their co-stars, which is especially true if they’re playing a romantic couple. In most cases, the stunning chemistry you saw on-screen is actually a great trick played by actors into believing you that they indeed share chemistry, but the reality could be that they can’t even stand each other in a room off the camera! Surprised? We’ve compiled a list of famous celebrities who can’t stand each other’s presence. Here we go!

Patrick Swayze And Jennifer Grey

Patrick Swayze autobiography caused quite a storm in the Hollywood industry circles when he directly pointed fingers at his Dirty Dancing co-star Jennifer Grey. He accused her of having frequent mood swings, which would interrupt the shoot for hours and would impact and cause inconveniences to other cast and crew members. This can hardly be deduced from their on-screen chemistry they shared in Dirty Dancing, which gained critical acclamation from around the world.

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