Couples spend months planning their weddings, painstakingly poring over every detail to ensure that their big days run without a hitch. But you can’t control everything – and even the best-laid plans can go horrendously wrong. Don’t believe us? Well, look closer at the photo of Racquel and Will Smith to find the moment that the bride and groom would probably rather forget. If only the photographer hadn’t been there to immortalize it in photo form…

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This bride, for example, couldn’t have accounted for someone haplessly toppling over during a planned wedding photo. That might be taking “falling head over heels” a bit too literally! via Scubby

What could make for a more romantic backdrop to a wedding snap? The sun… the sea… the stonework… the sagging belly of a booze-guzzling man…

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Go ahead, pick your nose. No-one’s going to notice a little thing like that. It’s not like you’re the focus of attention or anything…

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Not even a royal wedding plays out without a photo fail, but it’s almost reassuring that kids are kids whatever the occasion.


The young ring bearer couldn’t have been more pleased for the happy couple. That is, until he realized there would be icky kissing.

Rachel Deane via Bored Panda

“Darling, I’d do anything to protect you. Whaddya mean that’s a load of bull?”


“Oh my God, I’m so happy for them I think I’m gonna spew chunks…” via Scubby

Whatever is going on in this image may be a stretch beyond the role’s requirements. Is this bridesmaid really checking if the dress color is appropriate?

Sascha Reinking Photography via The Delite

This exasperated bride is probably just relieved that it’s the groom’s shoes catching the splash-back – and not her dress.

Sascha Reinking Photography via The Delite

What you can see here are the perils of choosing a public location for a wedding photoshoot – especially when it’s peak time for walkies.


Is this the most thoroughly planned wedding in history? Imagine the conversation beforehand: “…and of course we’ll need a very long ladder to hand – just in case we need to retrieve the veil from a tree.”


Are bridal bouquets the canine equivalent of catnip? This bug-eyed dog seems determined to find out.

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There may be some sort of veiled symbolism to this mishap – but we can’t think what it could be…

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There’s nothing like a classy bride and groom send-off. And this is nothing like a classy bride and groom send-off.

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The best man requested that nobody moved while he relocated the mislaid wedding rings…

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What you see here is an unused scene from the movie Forrest Gump – where Tom Hanks’ character accidentally crashes a wedding party.

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When a well-meaning relative hires surprise dancers for your thoroughly planned reception, you’re bound to be a little frustrated. And by that we mean incredulously angry.

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This couple decided to break away from social convention and instead toss their cake on the floor. Or the groom has, anyway – the mortified expression on the bride’s face suggests this wasn’t her idea.


Once you’ve seen him, you just can’t take your eyes off him. via Scubby

We’re not sure quite what the idea behind this photo was, but we’re fairly sure the kid shouldn’t have been learning about the birds and the bees that day.

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It was the shortest marriage in history – namely, when the bride discovered that her groom had more than just an eye for other ladies.

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Let’s hope his hand just slipped.

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Proof, if any were needed, that getting hitched gives you the power of levitation.

The Bridal Shop

Butt-waving cat doesn’t care about your perfect moment.

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This may have seemed like a romantic idea for a photo opportunity at first, but they had to go and choose a photographer with rather a warped sense of humor.

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Maybe they thought that if they did it in unison it could be passed off as some kind of good luck ritual for the happy couple.

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The exact moment that the best man turned into the worst man and proved he never liked that bridesmaid anyway.

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This could only have been the result of an unfortunate gust of wind – and let’s just say that you’ll only find one variety of that indoors.

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Confetti was evidently too obvious a choice for this guy.

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“Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?”


Laura via Awkward Family Photos

If her eyes – and hand – were already wandering, the future of this marriage doesn’t look good.


Wedding days are tiring, sure, but he could at least have made it to bed before disappointing the bride.


Although he never knew it at the time, the photographer captured for all eternity the moment that grandma fell over.

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Funnily enough, none of the bridesmaids minded when the bride told them of the dress code – or, rather, lack of it.

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Saving a flower girl and keeping his eyes on the camera the whole time? This guy’s a hero.

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This is why you don’t let kids wander at weddings. Well, this and those times when they lick all the buffet food and then put it back.

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This image brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “the bridesmaid was a real dog.”


Comedian and actor W.C. Fields famously said, “Never work with children or animals,” and the bride and groom in this shot should definitely have taken note. That’s a clear example of dogged determination to carry the train and not let go – no matter what.

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That feeling the photographer has as he realizes he’s going to get sued for his choice to photograph the bridesmaid – Racquel Smith – instead of the bride…

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“Mom, I’m bored… Can I go play?”

“No problem, honey, I’m sure you can’t get into too much trouble…”

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“Woof… I love it when we do it wedding couple-style.” via Scubby

This couple have clearly taken the notion of a marriage of convenience to its logical conclusion.

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It’s hard to tell who looks happiest in this photo. Is it the just-married bride and groom gazing adoringly into each other’s eyes? Or the man in the red Speedos who saw the perfect photo-bombing opportunity? via Scubby

What a lovely pair. We mean pair of pears. We mean couple. What a lovely couple… via Scubby

Give us a wave. No, not that kind… We love how the bridesmaid has grabbed the bride’s gown to save herself. If she goes down, she’s not going alone.

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Here it is in black and white: one usher’s pure delight during such a happy occasion. via Scubby

It’s a wedding. Inevitably, tiers will fall…

Vue Photography via Weddbook

We said that you should never ever work with children or animals. And this flower girl’s fighting a losing battle for sure.

Twitter/Ash Warner

“Hey, I need to fit you all in the frame. Back a bit… a bit more… a little more… Oh. My bad.”

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“Are you feeling alright, honey? You’re looking a little flushed.”


Well, I’ll just sit here and stare straight ahead and pretend this isn’t happening right now. Totally awks…

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This is what it looks like when the groom’s friends get a little too enthusiastic at the wedding.


This bride and groom decided to get married because they really dig each other.

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We’re pretty sure that’s not in the usual list of best man duties.

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It’s mortifying enough when wedding guests show up wearing the same outfit – so just imagine such a catastrophe happening to the bride…

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What’s so spectacular about this equine photobomb is that it appears the horse made the effort to just blend in.

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Hopefully this isn’t an omen.


They’re laughing because they know they have high-quality blackmail material for when that boy’s older.

WP Fotoblogia

Disapproving mom wasn’t going to let the newlyweds out of her sight.

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And they called it puppy love.

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That awkward moment when the wedding photographer realizes he’ll probably never work again.

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Sometimes when you’ve gotta go, you’ve just gotta go.

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Since weddings can be expensive, why not bring the costs down by sharing the venue with another event? Make sure to tell your photographer beforehand, though.

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Every now and again, the sun, moon stars and align to form the perfect union. And then there’s this.

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Wedding photo shoots on the beach can be incredibly romantic. And what could possibly go wrong?

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The look on this poor bride’s face makes us wonder if anything actually went right on her big day.

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Taking the words “to have and to hold” to whole new levels.

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To be honest, we’re not sure what role a few reptiles might play at a wedding. And judging by the look on this bride’s face, neither is she.

Twitter/With Another WP Roll

When your wedding dreams envision getting married underneath golden arches but your budget doesn’t stretch very far.

Facebook/Horsforth, Let Down By Horsforth

The bride strongly rejected any suggestion that she would be living in her new husband’s shadow.

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It’s hard to tell whether this is a classic cake-smooshed-in-the-face prank – or if the bride and groom have fallen out already.


Here we can see the exact moment when sheer bliss turns to unimaginable horror: that gorgeous wedding cake has a one-way ticket to the floor.

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When she said she was going to hit the dance floor, no one imagined it would look like this. via TheFastFashion

That awkward moment when the hotel cleaner makes a surprise guest appearance.

David Perlman Photography via The Delite

This may be an unforeseen photobomb for the mom with the stroller – but we can’t help but be impressed that her baby seems perfectly accessorized for the occasion.

Twitter/Isabel Rescalvo

The good news: our bride’s a whizz with engines, so she’ll still make it to the church on time. The bad news: it won’t be a white wedding – more like a grubby gray-to-black one.

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We wonder if this is the moment the bride had second thoughts – even after she’d said “I do.”

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We’re pretty sure it’s more typical for the best man to chase the bridesmaids – not the just-married groom.

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Although the bride and groom have already said “I do,” the bride’s face in this picture screams “Just don’t.”

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That’s one way to make sure you upstage the bridal party during their wedding photos.

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A rare sighting of a Sasquatch is completely lost on this bride and groom – until they looked through their photos later on, anyway.


This delivery company promises, “We will absolutely get your parcel there on time – no matter whose party we have to crash.”

Twitter/Rage Momster

Throwing confetti over the bride and groom is customary – but throwing glitter over them is just pure evil. That will be a nightmare to remove.

Twitter/Alissa Haight

Have you ever tried getting grass stains out of a wedding dress? Send your best tips to this bride ASAP.

Twitter/Sarah Hays Sanders

Has Thanos just snapped his fingers? No, this isn’t a deleted scene from Avengers: Infinity War. It’s just an overzealous wedding guest getting a little too giddy with their birdseed.

Twitter/Maddie Allen

This mischievous tyke clearly knows what he’s doing – check out that grin on his face. It’s matched only by the bridesmaid’s look of extreme terror.

Twitter/Alex Campisi

Okay, two people showing up in the same outfit isn’t out of the question – but three? The odds must be astronomical.

Twitter/jimmy fallon

Yeah, this is definitely not the face you want to be making as your bride walks down the aisle. Or at any point on your wedding day, really.


Beach weddings are all fun and games until someone drops something – like the rings, for instance. That’s definitely a moment the bride and groom will want to forget.

Twitter/Justin Falkenbach

Look, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little carried away at a wedding. But it’s probably best to make sure you’re wearing the right trousers for the occasion first.

Twitter/jimmy fallon

We’re just glad the photographer was there to capture the precise moment things took such a disastrous turn – because the bride’s expression is totally priceless.

Twitter/sara Jack-o-lantern

There are few better-timed photos than this one: the guests’ faces run the entire gamut of human emotion.


If you’re planning on making a grand entrance to a wedding, it might be an idea to practice at home first. That way, at least, only the cat will see which boxers you’ve decided to wear.


If a picture says a thousand words, then this bride’s face effectively rewrites War and Peace.


What you’re looking at here is the aftermath of a beach photoshoot gone wrong. Fortunately, the bride doesn’t seem to mind too much that she’s just tripped over her dress.

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Crying at weddings is totally natural – but this guy doesn’t look like he’s shedding tears of joy. In fact, he’s horrifically upset. Don’t worry, fella. We’re sure the birds will return home safely.

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Is a wedding on a farm considered romantic? We’re not convinced, and this photo isn’t helping matters. Or maybe the horse knows a good reason why the couple shouldn’t have married.

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A more cynical commentator might say the perfectly positioned photographer anticipated this wardrobe malfunction. But we’re not going to say that. No, we’d never suggest such a thing…

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The snapper behind this image must have thought they’d struck gold – until, of course, they realized their shot had been photobombed by someone digging for their own fortune.

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Wedding albums are often full of wonderful, candid photos – each one capturing a priceless, treasured memory. And then there are pictures like this one.